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✅You will have accurate Profit & Loss statements For 2 months, ready for you to review the 1st of the month!

✅Those P&L’s will be compared side by with a budget we create for you in the first week of the program so you can tangibly see the fruits of your labor.

✅You will have an accurate inventory, and have it set up in a way your staff doesn’t resent you for having to count product.

✅You will have recipe costing cards completed for everything you sell with current prices.

✅You will know your ideal food cost compared to your actual food cost in both dollars and product variances. Knowing this will give you the information to shore up any leaks in profit.

✅You will proactively write schedules that reveal profitability before the clock ticks so you can take action on making adjustments.

✅All information is yours and can be exported in spreadsheets. Recipe cards, inventory schedules, everything you create.

✅You will be able to Delegate the management of labor within a shift.

✅You will Know your Prime Costs Weekly with a mini P&L to know you are on track.

✅You will have digital checklists for every position.

✅You’ll have automatic price updates

✅You’ll have a manager log for better communication and accountability.

✅For multiple restaurants you will be able to control your recipes and compare product prices across multiple stores.
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